Robotic Arc-weld Additive Manufacturing (RoAr-AM) is an in-house developed 3D printing technique using a robotically controlled arc-welding process to form parts directly from a computer 3D model file.


The technique fills a gap between casting, which is suited to mass production, and current 3D metal printing techniques such as SLM (selective laser melting) which is suited to small, high-detailed parts and is currently suited to aerospace and medical applications.


RoAr-AM has a high deposition rate but lower quality surface finish and larger minimum feature size than SLM printed parts. The technique produces a near net-shape part, meaning the tolerance of non-machined surfaces is similar to most casting processes.


Materials: Mild Steel, Aluminium, 316L Stainless Steel, high-tensile steel and 35HRC hard steel

Minimum feature size: 3mm


In July 2015 we produced our first 3D printed parts using an in-house developed 3 Axis CNC bed. 


Currently we are refining our 6 axis robotic arc-welding system and software to generate parts in 3D directly from a 3D model.