3D Printing

3D Printing - more generally known as additive manufacturing (AM) - refers to a process of making parts by adding material incrementally until a final 3D shape is achieved. This technology offers similar capabilities to casting but does away with the overheads required to cast parts in plastic and metal (patterns, dies, etc). One of the most useful features of additive manufacturing is the complete design flexibility and the ability to create one-off parts and prototypes at a reasonable cost. 


A great example of this flexibility is shown in this case study.


is becoming more and more ubiquitous manufacturing technique. Whilst still a niche technique, engineers and designers are becoming more familiar with the technology and are beginning to design for manufacture with 3D printing.


add+it+tech is one of the first companies to offer 3D printing in metals as a service in Australia having offered the service since 2013. We are perfectly positioned in the general engineering business, through our parent company Steg Engineering, to drive this service forward in the so-far untapped engineering industry.


Out advantage is having access to a full sized machine shop with tradespeople of a combined experience of many decades, allowing us to provide, not only the 3D printing service, but also the design engineering, CAD modelling, CAM machining and fitting required to realise any design. All under the one team of engineers and machinists.



We offer both SLM and WAAM additive manufacturing methods for small and intricated parts all the way up to large parts. Click through to learn more about these technologies



We offer a full range of plastic 3D printing for the Engineering/Design industry. This includes FDM for large and more structurally sound parts, and SLA/S for intricate smaller parts. Click through to read more about 3D printing in plastic