Dome Vents

Steg Engineering P/L was originally approached to manufacture a dome shaped vent outlet for Crown Casino. Recognising that the complexity of the design was not cost effective to be manufactured with traditional (subtractive) technologies such as machining and drilling. add+it+tech was able to manufacture the parts in ABS plastic using our Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) printer. This gave the customer complete design freedom to achieve the required flow characteristics and the cost remained similar, independent of any design complexities.


In addition to making the parts, add+it+tech in partnership with Steg Engineering were able to offer a complete product including the integration of a PVC inlet pipe and a mounting system design that allows the customer to have complete confidence in the product received.


 The images below (from L to R): A prototyping dome with adjustable nozzle set finished printing on our 3D printer. The complete prototyping dome set for adjustment of the final nozzle concept. A set of domes being finished after printing with a smooth enamel painted black surface, air tube and fixation hardware.

Light Project - Urgent Lighting Solution

Amanda McPhee - Light Project P/L

"Highly recommend these guys! I called Aran with a task that needed to be turned around in an incredibly short space of time and the accuracy of the product was absolutely crucial. The result of the product was flawless, and the overall customer service - amazing! Aran went above and beyond to help in any way he could. Massive thanks to Aran and the team for everything!"


Faced with a non-conforming light leakage in over 500 individual LED lights installed in a premium apartment complex, Amanda from Light Project contacted add+it+tech to help design and print a 'guaranteed to work' light shield. This included prototyping a series of parts to prove that they are able to be installed without the removal of the light fitting, and show that the shield prevented the light leakage around the flange.

add+it+tech had the capability and care-factor to ensure that the parts were fit-for-purpose and printed in time to be sent up to Sydney (within a week of starting the project), ready for Amanda to fly to Perth the next day. Result: All 550 shields were installed in the lights in one day and Light-Project's customer was happy.


The images below from L to R: Two of the insert prototypes, one white and one black. LED light with the insert having been installed in-situ (without complete removal of light fitting). Final position of LED showing no light leakage around the flange.